5 Things to Expect when Renovating

Renovations, despite thorough planning and preparation, often bring unforeseen challenges.

Being aware of these potential issues can help you better navigate them as they arise during construction. If you opt to engage an Architect to oversee the building contract, you’ll benefit from the support of a skilled and experienced professional.

Here are 5 key aspects to anticipate during your renovation construction:

1.  Inconvenience

Living in your home during construction, can expose you to inconveniences like dust, noise, lack of heating and cooling, and temporary kitchen unavailability.  Renovations can extend for months testing your patience, with both the builder and your family.  It’s advisable to discuss strategies with your builder to minimise these impacts, or consider moving out.

 2. Hidden Defects

Design and planning can’t always unveil what’s lurking within walls and under floors. Demolition often reveals hidden defects such as deteriorated timber, outdated wiring, faulty plumbing, or asbestos. Therefore, it’s crucial to allocate a contingency fund within your renovation budget to address these unexpected issues

3.  Delays

Construction projects will encounter delays caused by factors such as adverse weather conditions, trade coordination, and material supply delays. Your builder should provide a work schedule and regularly update it during the construction phase. Keeping an eye on this schedule, remaining flexible, and maintaining open communication with your builder will help ensure the project stays on course.

4.  Variations

Variations may arise due to hidden defects or alterations in your preferences, such as changes to light fixtures, flooring or tapware. Your builder will need to submit a variation notice and obtain approval before proceeding with variations. It’s essential for the builder to provide a price for the variation that needs approval to avoid disputes.

5.  Decisions

Be prepared for months of decision-making. While it might seem straightforward initially, decision fatigue can set in over time. To make well-informed decisions, take the time to understand the what, why, when, where, and how much of each choice. Rushing decisions may lead to regrets down the line.


Embarking on a renovation project, no matter how well-prepared, is a journey filled with both excitement and challenges. By recognizing the potential issues and complexities that can arise during the process, you empower yourself to better navigate them. Engaging an Architect to oversee the building contract can provide invaluable support from an experienced professional. 

Ultimately, the success of your project hinges on your ability to adapt, make informed decisions, and work closely with your builder and Architect to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Renovations can be demanding, but they also hold the promise of transforming your space into something truly remarkable.

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