Sam’s 1,000 by Love Your Sister

This week, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on an initiative that holds a special place in our hearts here at Detail 9 Architects: Sam’s 1,000 by Love Your Sister.

Founded in 2012 by Samuel Johnson OAM and his sister Connie’s during her courageous battle with breast cancer, Love Your Sister has been steadfastly committed to conquering cancer through cutting edge scientific research and the latest technologies.  To date, Samuel and the dedicated LYS community have raised over $20 million for medical research.

In 2023, Samuel embarked on a remarkable new mission – to forge partnerships with 1,000 businesses united in the cause of providing Precision Medicine for all cancer patients, regardless of the type of cancer, age, location, income or status.

Commencing with analysing a tissue sample, Precision Medicine determines the right medicine for individual patients the first time, every time.  Importantly, it eliminates ineffective treatment pathways, saving many lives.

Precision Medicine, regrettably, remains out of reach for many. Sam’s 1,000 seeks to change this.  Collaborating with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and OMICO (Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Centre), Love Your Sister is on a mission to deliver vital support to cancer centres and patients in regional, rural and remote areas.  The ultimate aim is to ensure that all cancer patients have equal access to the life-changing benefits of Precision Medicine.

We warmly invite you to explore LYS’s website to find out more about Sam’s 1,000 and how it aims to bring hope to Australian’s facing the challenges of cancer.

Additionally, Love Your Sister remains committed to raising funds for ground-breaking research that strives to uncover improved treatments and potential cures for this relentless disease, which continues to affect countless families across Australia.


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