‘Tis the Season for Renovation Planning: 5 Festive Steps to Prep for Your Project in the New Year

If you’re planning to renovate next year and want to make the most of your Christmas break, here are 5 things you can do to get a head start on your renovation project:

  1. Create a Vision Board: Spend some time during the holidays collecting inspiration for your renovation. Create a vision board with pictures, colour swatches, and design elements that reflect the style and atmosphere you want to achieve. This will help you clarify your ideas and communicate them effectively to your Architect.  Build your vision board with ease in Pinterest or Houzz.

  2. Research and Plan: Use the extra time during the holidays to research Architects and builders in your area and familiarise yourself with their portfolios.  Using our Project Starter worksheet, will assist you to develop your design brief.  A well-defined design brief will streamline the renovation process and help you stick to your budget and timeline, and ensures productive meetings with potential Architects in the new year.

  3. Set a Budget: Determine a realistic budget for your renovation project. Consider all potential costs, including consultants, construction, fixtures, appliances, and permits, and any unexpected expenses. Use this time to assess your finances and make any necessary adjustments to ensure you have the funds available for your renovation.  Our Project Budget Planner can guide you through this process, providing clarity for both decision-making and collaborative discussions with your Architect.

  4. Declutter and Organise: Before starting a renovation, it’s beneficial to declutter and organise your space. Use the holiday break to go through your belongings, donate or discard items you no longer need. Consider what stays and goes post-renovation. Also, contemplate your future storage needs and potential new furniture for a renovated home.

  5. Reflect and Relax: Amidst the planning and preparation, don’t forget to take some time for personal reflection and relaxation.  The holiday season is an ideal moment to recharge and enter the new year with a positive mindset.  Consider your goals and aspirations for the upcoming renovation, and take a break to enjoy the festivities. A rejuvenated mind will contribute to better decision-making and a smoother renovation process when the new year arrives.

By incorporating these 5 activities into your Christmas holidays, you’ll set the stage for a well-prepared and successful renovation in the coming  year.

Ready to take the next step?  Let’s chat about your 2024 renovation.

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