How We Can Help

1. Initial Meeting

Let’s get to know each other!  We will meet with you, tour your property and record your design brief of wants/needs.  Then we will let you know about our services and how we can best add value to your project.

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2. Schematic Design

Using your design brief as a foundation, we design a variety of concept plans that offer a diverse range of solutions. These concepts are thoughtfully curated to encompass as many aspects of your design requirements as feasible.

In addition to your specified preferences, these concepts plans introduce ideas and opportunities that you may not have previously considered.

Serving as preliminary designs, the concept plans play a pivotal role in enabling you to visualise the potential enhancements to your home, community or commercial space.  We provide an overview of each sketch, shedding light on the rationale behind them and highlighting any potential concerns we identify.

3. Design Development

Together, we collaborate with you to refine your preferred concept/s from schematic design until it evolves into a definitive version that mirrors both your aspirations and budgetary considerations.

Further, we develop external elevations, suggesting suitable external materials and a harmonious colour palette.  This process empowers you to envisage the outcome of your project.

We undertake the essential task of procuring a cost estimate. This step is crucial as it allows us to evaluate the alignment between your preferred design and your budget.  Ensuring a balance between your Budget and Design is of paramount importance before advancing to the next phases of your project.

4. Town Planning

On occasion, obtaining Town Planning permission becomes a prerequisite before advancing to the construction documentation phase. We will identify whether this step is pertinent to your project during our preliminary evaluation.

A distinct set of drawings is necessary for the purpose of a planning application. These drawings are then submitted to the local Council. Their focus lies in addressing the planning regulations and guidelines that are specific to your property.

5. Construction Documentation

In this stage we embark on the creation of a comprehensive set of working drawings. These detailed drawings serve as essential references for other consultants, council and your chosen builder.

The involvement of various specialised consultants is essential.  These consultants contribute by furnishing plans and reports that are instrumental in obtaining the building permit and facilitating construction. We engage in a collaborative effort with you to document the intricate details of your project.

Concluding this stage involves the submission of a building permit application, which we adeptly manage on your behalf.

6. Tendering

Tendering is a competitive process affords you the opportunity to assess multiple builders and evaluate the cost of building your project.

Our role is to act as your facilitator, streamlining the process. This involves curating a select pool of potential tenderers, compiling a comprehensive Tender package, addressing enquiries throughout the tender duration, and subsequently undertaking a detailed evaluation of the submissions.  The culmination of this assessment is a report to empower you to make an informed decision in selecting your preferred builder.

7. Contract Administration

The final stage of the renovation puzzle is the construction phase. Throughout this crucial stage, we function as an impartial intermediary, effectively bridging communication between you and the builder.

Our role encompasses an array of responsibilities, including addressing technical enquiries, evaluating variations, conducting routine site visits, verifying the builder’s claims, and conducting an inspection of defects, among other tasks.

Ideally, every construction would unfold seamlessly.  However, we recognise that each site and project are unique and lead to occasional challenges. Our objective is to navigate these challenges expertly, striving to ensure a journey that’s as smooth as possible.

Additional Services

Sustainability Advice

We are committed to enhancing the sustainability of your home by conducting a thorough appraisal.  This assessment will not only consider operational expenses but also offer actionable insights to make your home more environmentally conscious. Our recommendations will encompass the integration of sustainable technologies and strategies that align with your goals for a greener home.

3D Modelling

As we craft the design for your project, we have the capability to generate 3D images that offer you the ability to experience the evolving concepts, should you opt for it. The utilisation of 3D modelling serves various purposes, including aiding in Town Planning Applications to the Council, and also serving as a marketing asset when promoting your residential or commercial property for sale.

Feasibility Reports

Before embarking on a fresh construction or renovation project, you might find it beneficial to explore the feasibility of your envisioned outcome.

In this regard, we undertake the task of capturing a comprehensive design brief and translating it into design feasibility concept sketches that are aligned with your requirements.

To aid you in determining the most suitable path forward, we offer an estimated projection of the probable construction costs encompassing the scope of the envisioned works. This cost estimation serves as a valuable tool in guiding your decision-making process.

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