how we can help

Is your home bursting at the seams, with kids, pets or next to no storage?  Or is your commercial property looking a little sad and dated, needing some rejuvenation?  Then we can help!

We provide a range of professional services to assist you through the building process, providing a personalised service, clear advice and distinctive design solutions to help you navigate your way to a fabulous new home or commercial space.  And the best bit is that you can choose to step your way through the process at your own pace, via clear stages described below.


1. initial meeting

Let's get to know each other!  We will meet with you, tour your property and record your design brief of wants/needs.  Then we will let you know about our services and how we can best add value to your project.

2. concept plans

a range of ideas in concept plansUtilising your design brief we create a number of Concept Plans to provide you with a range of solutions, including new ideas for you to consider.  Concept Plans are hand-sketched and are the initial design drawings, which allow you to visualise the possibilities for improving your home, or commercial space.

Concept Plans are provided on a fixed fee basis, with no ongoing obligation to Detail 9 Architects: this gives you the flexibility to continue the project when you wish. 




3. design development/plans for town planning

developing the ideas for renovationSometimes when you alter your house, and anytime you build more than one house on a single block, you will need to obtain Town Planning Approval from your local Council. 

Should your project require Council approval, will we assist you through the process, from making the application to the Council on your behalf; creating the required set of drawings based on the Concept Plans, and co-ordinating any required consultants, such as Land Surveyors. 


4. construction drawings

detailed drawings for constructionWe will work with you to refine your preferred design from the previous stages, preparing full Construction Drawings. These Construction Drawings serve several purposes: detailed quotes are based on these drawings; they are required to obtain a Building Permit; and the Builder will use them to construct your project.

During this stage we will also assist you in the final selection of materials for both the interior and exterior, plus the fixtures and fittings to complete the personalisation of your new spaces.


5. tender and contract administration

project management during constructionWe will help you identify suitably qualified and experienced builders to tender for your project once you are comfortable to proceed to construction.  We alleviate all the coordination of this process, answer queries from tenderers and complete a comprehensive tender assessment for you.

We also provide on-site assistance during the construction phase.  This process is called Contract Administration, and involves the following:

  • assessing and certifying the builder’s progress claims for payment
  • providing directions to the Builder for clarification or variation of the Contract documentation if required and
  • undertaking a defects inspection with the Builder, on completion of the works.

You are not obliged to engage us for this service, as you may enter a Contract directly with the Builder, however we are able to provide assistance during this stage, such as providing a defects inspection report.



additional services

sustainability advice

We will provide you with a sustainability appraisal of your home to address running costs and make your home greener, including suggestions on how to incorporate sustainability devices and strategies.

feasibility reports

On completion of the Concept Plans, prior to progressing to Town Planning or further design development, we will provide you with a comprehensive Feasibility Report if engaged to do so.  This document will set out the following:

  • any planning or development restrictions and regulations which apply to your property
  • documenting any existing buildings on the property and
  • exploring the various options for redevelopment included in the Concept Plans.

This document provides you with sufficient analysis to establish the viability and cost of the project. 

3d modelling

When we design your project, we are able to create 3D images of the design to enable you to visualize concepts as we produce them, should you wish.  3D Modelling can help with Town Planning Applications to Council, or can be used as a marketing tool in selling your residential or commercial property.